21 Powerpoint Templates You Can Download Free (2023)

21 Powerpoint Templates You Can Download Free (1)

Powerpoint presentations can be challenging to create, especially with all the “what if’s:

  • What if it does not impress the audience?
  • What if the information arrangement is confusing?
  • What if I don’t have enough time to finish?

Presentations require having a clear and visual impact on your audience so that they understand what you just presented. Powerpoint presentations are a combination of texts and infographics, such as diagrams, tables, charts, etc. Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, you can add images to visually enhance your audience’s attention.

Why go through so much work? A Powerpoint presentation is a great visual aid for any lecture, project, business meeting, it is multi-purposefor your presentational needs.

It can be tedious trying to create a Powerpoint from nothing, having to organize it, add all the infographics you need, figuring out a slide layout, its hard work.

Best Free Powerpoint Templates for Presentations

Powerpoint templates are designed to organize and structure your information while creating a professional and formal impression. Here we have provided 21 of the best Powerpoint templates to create an outstanding presentation.

1. Kotio Free Powerpoint Template

Kotio Powerpoint Template is a clean and organized presentation template, therefore having aprofessional and modern look. This presentation template is sure to make you stand out with its simple layoutthat is easy foryou to edit and add all your information in an organized manner.


2. Report Biz Free Powerpoint Template

For a creative presentation template to impress your audience use Report Biz Free Powerpoint Template. This outstanding presentation template is professionally done and uses color to enhance the audience’s attention. You can add everything you need to give your audience a clear message, like images, infographics, and more. If blue is not your color, change the color to match your company’s. Be unique!


3. Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Template

Marketing Plan Powerpoint Template is a very straightforwardpresentation outline. Just because it is straightforward does not mean it is dull. This presentation has a clean and modern look while using a mixture of the cool, navy blue, Egyptian blue, and turquoise, colors to give your presentation an eye-catchinglook, or you can use any of the other 5 pre-made colors. Enhance your audience visually and make a positive impression.

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4. Instagram Analysis Free Powerpoint Template

Because the world is advancing so much, so is the use of social media like Instagram. For this reason, the Instagram Analysis Powerpoint Template was designed to give you a clean and colorful presentation that is still professional and organized. The colors give your presentation striking and unique look, that will make you stand out.


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5. Nova Free Powerpoint Template

Sometimes simple is the best way to present to a diverse group. The Nova Powerpoint Template is a minimal multi-purpose template that can be used for a business, corporate, conference, or school project. This is a very simple and easy to edit Powerpoint template that will help you give a visual presentation of any infographics, data, or information needed to be given. You will give a formal and sophisticated look to your presentation.


6. Air Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

For a sophisticated look, Air Minal Powerpoint Template is a minimal but effective presentational template. It has clean slide layouts and it is easy for you to edit. Why struggle with creating a powerpoint presentation, when you can download this one that is free and can give a one of a kind presentation.


7. Science Free Powerpoint Template

With the Science Powerpoint Template, school lectures don’t always have to be boring black and white. Enhance your student’s attention with a presentation that has color and a unique design perfect for your science class. It does not necessarily have to be for school, but even for a job that involves science-related topics. Impress your audience with the unique colors and designs that are simple and won’t distract your listeners.


8. Bizplan Free Powerpoint Template

BizPlan Powerpoint Template is a colorful and unique template design to give a determinating vibe to the audience. The dark grey with the orange gives a formal look, yet the orange is nice a bright to make all your information stand out. This creative presentation will show how confident and determine you are in a formal and professional way.

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9. Modern Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

For a simple and colorful template, Modern Minimal Powerpoint Template is the presentation for you. This multipurpose template is a great way to show your creativity, which is why it was designed with a fabulous color scheme that will impress your audience. The colors help the information stand out to give your listeners a clear message.


10. Onyx Free Powerpoint Template

Onyx Powerpoint Template provides an amazing orange and blue color scheme to capture your audience’s attention and keep them focused on what you are presenting. You are able to add infographics, images, and any information you need. Impress your audience with this outstanding and trendy presentation.


11. Organic Free Powerpoint Template

Green is fresh, and that is the vibe the Organic Powerpoint Template gives. Fresh does not mean food fresh, but new and modern. This is what this presentation represents. This presentation template is great if you want a modern recent, and up to date presentation that will capture the attention of any diverse audience. It has a unique design with a one of kind pattern that will capture everyone’s attention.


12. Business Pro Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

The Business Pro Powerpoint Template has a colorful scheme that can enhance your audience’s attention to focus on your presentation. Your creativity can causea positive or negative reaction to your audience about your presentation. There are two things that could happen. They could either one, not be interested and not pay attention to you, or two, they could be intrigued and pay attention to every word you say. You decide.


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13. Elite Free Powerpoint Template

Elite Powerpoint Template is multipurpose that can be used to present to a small company or to a big corporate, either way, you will have your audience’s attention and focus. This template will give a formal and professional image while using color to help them focus on the main and important facts.


14. Company Profile Pro Free Powerpoint Template

The Company Profile Pro Powerpoint Template has a formal and sophisticated vibe when presenting. It is very modern, and an excellent way to present data, company reports, or business proposals. It is very easy to edit, so you don’t have to spend hours working on the visual presentation. So, impress your audience with your professionalism.


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15. Business Idea Free Powerpoint Template

With 31 simple business slides, the Business Idea Powerpoint Template will provide a modern and informative visual presentation that is eye-catching. You can fully edit and customize in a way you see fit to inform your audience. You can also change the colors, in addition, to being able to add images and infographics to aid in your presentation.


16. Business Gold Free Powerpoint Template

Business Gold Powerpoint Template is modern and classy presentation template that is sure to wow your listeners and make you look like a million bucks. This template is multipurpose and can be used for any type of presentation. You can edit and change it however you like to createyour own unique performance.


17. Clean Free Powerpoint Template

Simple is always good for a modern look, and when presenting to a diverse group. The Clean Powerpoint template is well organized and easy for your audience to follow along. It fully editable and has an ideal design to have everyone focus on you and your facts.



18. Report Free Powerpoint Template

Thanks to the Report Powerpoint Template, giving a report does not have to be black and white boring. The cool use of color gives it a trusting and confident vibe. The colors help capture the reader’s attention to the important facts.


19. Watercolor Free Powerpoint Template

Watercolor Powerpoint Template is a beautiful and colorful presentation, that uses art to express yourself. Each color has a significant meaning or is associated with something. Also, the use of color captures the audience visually and enhances their focus, giving speaker their full and undivided attention.


20. Business Free Powerpoint Template

Real talk! The Business Free Powerpoint is a simple and clean powerpoint presentation. It has color to capture the listener’s attention and to help some information stand out. You will impress your audience your bold decision to use colors, instead of having a normal and basic back and white presentation.


21. Elegant Free Powerpoint Template

Elegant Powerpoint Template is a very stylish and sophisticated presentation template, to give a formal and professional look. It is multipurpose, and it is just a classy and uniquepresentation template.


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