23 Best PowerPoint Templates for 2023 (2023)

Looking for new and visually interesting PowerPoint designs?

Default PowerPoint templates can often be boring and dated but creating your own PowerPoints can be tricky and time-consuming. So what’s the alternative? Well if you really want to wow your clients and co-workers with your presentation you need a PowerPoint template.

PowerPoint templates are a great way to up your presentation game without too much effort, but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one for your needs.

In this article, we’ll be listing 23 of the best PowerPoint templates available. We’ll also be providing some information about the benefits of using a premium PowerPoint template.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What are the Benefits of Using PowerPoint Templates?

We know what you’re thinking — Why would I download a PowerPoint template when I could just use one that’s available in PowerPoint, or whip up my own?

Well, there’s a ton of reasons, but here’s just a few:

It’s Quick and Easy

Using a pre-made PowerPoint template can help you save tons of time when you’re creating your presentations.

Many of the PowerPoint templates in this list come with a selection of graphics that you can use, so you can also save time sourcing images and other visuals. In just a few clicks, you can have the framework for an awesome and unique PowerPoint at your fingertips.

It Will Make Your Presentations Look More Professional

If you’ve worked with PowerPoint for a long time, you’ll know that using the same old designs from PowerPoint can look dated and boring, and using them may be seen by your clients as a lack of effort on your part.

By downloading a PowerPoint template, you can wow your clients with new and interesting designs, and it will give your presentations an air of professionalism.

There Are Tons of Unique Options Available

If you make PowerPoints regularly, you may be tired of using the same old design over and over again, and making designing your own presentations can be time-consuming.

However, there are tons of PowerPoint Templates available online that are designed by professionals. By using templates, you can find the perfect design for every project.

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23 Best PowerPoint Templates

Now you know a little more about why you want to use a PowerPoint template let’s jump into the list. All the templates in this list can be edited in Powerpoint and available with an Envato Elements subscription ($16.50/month). Let kick off the list with our top pick…

1. Fiesta PowerPoint – Our Top pick

Fiesta is a colorful and professional PowerPoint template that is perfect for creating business presentations. It includes 30 creative slides as well as 30 icon slides and thousands of ready-to-use icons.

Why it’s our top pick

Fiesta is super professional and has an understated color scheme so it would be perfect for just about any type of presentation.

2. Honeymoon PowerPoint Template

Honeymoon is a colorful and professional PowerPoint template that would be perfect for tech businesses.

The colors are modern and the template pack includes a range of creative icon slides that are perfect for a range of purposes. It also includes over 1000 icons that can be used to create interesting graphics, charts, and more.

3. Canary PowerPoint Template

If you want to add a pop of bright color to your presentation, then the Canary PowerPoint template is a great choice. The template includes over 30 editable slides with a bright canary yellow theme. The template pack also includes a free font.

4. Luxury PowerPoint

The Luxury PowerPoint template has a classic and professional theme. This would be perfect for PowerPoints that are information-heavy and need to be clear and readable. The pack includes 30 icon slides, 30 creative slides, and a range of icons that are ready to use.

5. Fly PowerPoint Bundle

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The Fly PowerPoint template is a huge bumper template back with over 260 slides included. There are 5 different colored PowerPints included, each with 52 slides each. The templates also include resizable graphics and free fonts.

6. Streamo PowerPoint Template

Streamo is an ultra-modern PowerPoint template with a fashionable feel. The template includes over 30 minimalist slides with a faded purple color scheme. This PowerPoint template would be perfect for presenting new products or creating a fashion lookbook.

7. Welder PowerPoint

Welder is a modern and minimalist PowerPoint template. The template utilizes deep greens colors and other natural colors to create an understated and natural feel.

This template includes over 35 professionally designed slides. This style of template would be perfect for presenting interior decor ideas and creating mood boards.

8. Polax PowerPoint Template

Polax is a minimalist template that would be perfect for business presentations. The download includes 32 modern slides that can all be easily edited to include your own business branding and designs. The template has a blue and green theme that is both professional and stylish.

9. Analysiz PowerPoint

Analysiz is a creative and striking PowerPoint template with an ultra-professional feel. The color scheme uses reds and blues to create a modern and technological feel. The template includes over 50 fully editable slides, so it would be perfect for creating long presentations.

10. Ivoire PowerPoint

Ivorie is a minimalist template with a modern and natural feel. The template includes 35 slides in total, as well as links to free fonts. This elegant and trendy template would be perfect for creating presentations like fashion designs and proposals.

11. Nature PowerPoint


Nature is a trendy PowerPoint template with a botanical theme. If you’re creating a presentation about nature, or plants, then this is the template for you. The template includes over 35 unique slides that all feature botanical backgrounds and other elements.

12. Carnation. PowerPoint

Carnation. is a simple and modern template that uses muted colors to create a minimalist and stylish feel. The template includes over 50 unique slides in a variety of attractive colors as well as 3D infographics, PNG images, and more.

13. Newseason – PowerPoint Template

Newseason is a stylish template with a striking and professional yellow and black theme. The template includes 25 slides that feature a variety of interesting and cool layouts, as well as graphics. Links for the fonts used on the template are also provided with the download.

14. Guide PowerPoint

Guide is a modern template perfect for showcasing photography projects and other artistic designs. The template is minimalist yet professional and comes complete with 35 slides in total. The template color scheme centers around a calm yellow color that is bright and appealing.

15. Smuthe PowerPoint

Smuthe is a trendy and eye-catching PowerPoint template that could be used for professional presentations. The color scheme is bright and attractive and could help add a pop of visual interest to information-focused presentations. The template includes over 50 slides including section break slides.

16. Crate PowerPoint Template

Crate is a huge template that is perfect for people that create PowerPoints often. The template includes over 48 slides with different designs that could be used again and again. It also includes a selection of illustrations and graphics that can be fully edited and resized easily.

17. Blues Powerpoint

Blues is a PowerPoint template themed around the color blue. The template includes 30 slides as well as a selection of graphics and infographics. This style of template is perfect for creation healthcare and other business presentations.

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18. Decker PowerPoint

Decker is a PowerPoint template that uses modern and bright colors to create a professional feel. This template is great for brands and businesses as it includes over 80 editable slides. So you could use this template again and again to create professional and interesting presentations.

19. Losgas PowerPoint

Losgas is a bright and ultra-modern template that would be perfect for tech companies and startups. The yellow and blue color scheme is professional and contemporary. The template includes 36 creative slides as well as graphics that can be edited. The template document also includes links to free fonts that compliment the template design.

20. Starlet PowerPoint

Starlet is an understated template with an executive feel. If you want your readers to focus on the information, rather than the design elements, then this is the template for you.

The template features 30 slides designed using professional colors that are highly readable as well as thousands of editable icons.

21. Revante PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a feminine and professional PowerPoint template, Revante will be perfect for you. This template includes classy and corporate designs that would be perfect for fashion businesses and corporate events. The template includes 30 slides with a variety of creative designs.

22. Scribble PowerPoint

Scribble is a super-cool comic book style template perfect for engaging younger readers. This PowerPoint template would be great for presenting new concepts to kids or young adults. The template includes around 50 unique slides and a range of 3D infographics and elements.

23. Colosal PowerPoint Template

If you want a template with bright and bold colors, Colosal is the perfect choice. This colorful template includes 50 bright and cheerful slides in a range of colors. The creator also provides links to the free fonts used in the template mockups.

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