Everything New In Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season 2 (New Content & Battle Pass Tier List) (2022)

Season 2 of Warzone Pacific brings heaps of new content, including some quality of life improvements for better overall gameplay on the new map, Caldera. Here’s everything new introduced in Warzone Pacific in Season 2.

Everything New In Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season 2 (New Content & Battle Pass Tier List) (1)

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New Weapons

There are four new weapons introduced in season 2 of Warzone Pacific. Two of which are available for free on the launch of Season 2 as part of the Battle Pass, while the other two are available later in the season. The weapons are as follows:

KG M40

KG M40 is a new assault rifle dubbed the “workhorse assault rifle” and is available for free once you reach battle pass tier level 15.


The second free weapon is the Whitley, an LMG available for free at battle pass tier 31.

Ice Axe

The Ice Axe is a new throwable melee weapon that allows players to get one-hit kills. The Ice Axe will be released later during season 2.

Armaguerra 43

Armagueurra is the new SMG which is supposed to be released sometime during season 2. Supposedly, it has a very high rate of fire.

New Operators

There are three new Operators with one additional category of Operators called Yeti. The following are the three new Operators available to equip in Warzone Pacific and Vanguard.


Anna is part of the new Yeti group of operators and is available as an instant reward when buying the battle pass.


Thomas is also part of the new Yeti group of operators and is unlocked by purchasing a bundle featuring Thomas.


Isabella is part of the Trident and can be unlocked by purchasing a bundle featuring Isabella.

New Vehicle

There is a new aerial vehicle in Caldera that can destroy the Loadout Drops. Ever since the inception of Warzone, the loadout drops were invincible and a source of many “killer loadout” memes. However, it seems the Loadout Drops have finally met their match in the form of Bomber planes.

New Features & Field Upgrades

Following the new armored war machines and chemical weapons themes, there are new field upgrades and other related content added that might improve your gameplay.

Nebula V Ammo Type

Like how the stopping power rounds field upgrade works, you now have the Nebula V ammo type field upgrade. Nebula V bullets do not deal extra damage. However, when you down a target using these bullets, they explode, leaving a poisonous cloud of gas behind.

This can be used to strategize a lot of your gameplay aspects. For instance, if there is a squad of two or more camping in a tight spot, you can take one of them out using the Nebula V rounds. This will cause the rounds to explode and force the rest of the members out of their camping spot. This is just one of many ways you can use the Nebula V ammo type.

Portable Decontamination Station

The Portable Decontamination Station is new field equipment you can use to create a “bubble” around you when you are inside the gas. While in this bubble, you do not take any damage from the gas. This lasts for approximately 13 seconds until the portable decontamination station is destroyed, and you are vulnerable to the gas again.

If you’ve played Apex Legends, you’ll be familiar with this mechanic as it is similar to the heat shield found in Apex Legends.

Armored Transport Trucks

There are now armored transport trucks driving around the map. You can destroy these trucks and collect some rare loot. You can also find the Nebula V bomb for yourself. These trucks do defend themselves using the turrets and mines.

Redeploy Balloons

If you were among those who found Caldera “too slow” to move around, you’re in for a treat as Caldera now contains redeploy balloons. This is yet another feature similar to the red balloons from Apex Legends.

You can use these redeploy balloons to quickly launch yourself into the air and navigate to a different location. With the amount of foliage and elevations in Caldera, the redeploy balloons are sure to speed things up a bit!

New Caldera POI

Two new POIs have been added in Caldera called The Chemical Factory and the Chemical Research Labs.

Chemical Factory

Chemical Factory is its own standalone location found between the Docks and the Mines. This location has a large plant with a green gas seeping out of the plant. It is hard to miss with vibrant green gas all around the area. This location contains some of the rarest loots including the new Nebula V bomb.

Chemical Research Labs

The Chemical Research Labs are underground and can be accessed using the new open hatches spread all over Caldera.

If you haven't already noticed the yellow circles sketched on the atlas map, now's the time as these yellow circles represent the location of these underground research labs. The red dots on the map below indicate the exact location of the entrance hatches. There are seven research labs across Caldera.

Each of these locations contains high-tier and rare loot including Nebula V gas ammo type, Portal Decontamination Station, killstreaks, and the Nebula V bomb. The place is also protected by AI guards. They're not super aggressive and can be killed easily.

Battle Pass Tier List

Tier Unlock Free/Premium
Bundle BonusSkinBundled Up –Legendary Wade SkinPremium
InstantRewardOvercoat –Legendary Anna SkinPremium
InstantRewardBlack Leaf –Rare Constanze SkinPremium
InstantReward45 Minutes DoubleWeapon XP TokenPremium
InstantRewardSeason 2 XPBoostPremium
1Ball TurretGunner - Killstreak & Marching On - Epic Calling CardFree
2On The Ridge– Epic Calling CardPremium
31 HourDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
4VeryRespectful – Rare CharmPremium
5Dark Owl – EpicBlueprint (Sniper Rifle Baker)Premium
6100 CODPointsFree
71 HourDouble XP TokenPremium
8Brute Force –Legendary Anna MVP Highlight & 1 Hour Double Weapon XP TokenPremium
9Cabin Fever –Legendary Killcam Theme & Swiss Scenery – Legendary Calling CardPremium
10BlizzardConditions – Rare Roland SkinPremium
111 HourDouble XP TokenFree
12100 COD PointsPremium
131 HourDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
14Hypothermia –Rare EmblemPremium
15KG M40 (FreeAssault Rifle)Free
16Big Swing –Epic SprayPremium
17100 CODPointsPremium
18BloodyBrilliance – Epic Blueprint (Handgun Charlie)Premium
19SpineShatter – Legendary Operator Finishing MovePremium
20Parisian –Rare Beatrice SkinPremium
21Mechanic –Free Perk & 1 Hour Double Weapon XP TokenFree
2245 MinutesDouble XP TokenPremium
23100 CODPointsPremium
24Woodgrain –Rare Blueprint (Shotgun Baker)Free
2530 MinutesDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
26Shovel Sweep– Rare Daniel Highlight Intro & Super Chill – Epic TitlePremium
27Restrainer –Legendary Blueprint (Submachine Gun Dog)Premium
28Alignment –Rare ReticleFree
2915 MinutesDouble XP TokenPremium
30Vagabond –Rare Lucas SkinPremium
31Whitley(Free LMG)Free
32100 CODPointsPremium
33Small Warmth– Epic Calling CardPremium
34Bushwhacker –Legendary WatchFree
35Oberland –Rare Blueprint (Sniper Rifle Dog)Premium
3645 MinutesDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
37Pierced –Epic SprayPremium
38Icebergian –Epic Blueprint (Light Machine Gun Able)Premium
39Sticky Bomb –New Lethal Equipment & Rough Patch – Epic EmblemFree
40Torniquet – RareHalima SkinPremium
41100 CODPointsPremium
42Good Doctor –Legendary Blueprint (Assault Rifle Item)Premium
431 HourDouble XP TokenPremium
44Armory – NewPerk & Two Fronts – Legendary Calling CardFree
45Icecracker –Rare Blueprint (Shotgun Charlie)Premium
4615 MinutesDouble XP TokenPremium
47In memoriam –Rare EmblemPremium
48100 COD PointsFree
49EveningPatrol – Epic Calling CardPremium
50Rockies –Rare Daniel SkinPremium
51Librarian –Epic Blueprint (Assault Rifle Charlie)Premium
52Mauled –Rare EmblemPremium
5315 MinutesDouble XP TokenPremium
54Memento Mori– Rare CharmPremium
55Wolfsgarten –Legendary Blueprint (Assault Rifle Easy)Free
56100 CODPointsPremium
571 Hour DoubleWeapon XP TokenPremium
581 HourDouble XP TokenPremium
59Helvetia –Epic Blueprint (Submachine Gun Easy)Premium
60Sunbaked –Rare Padmavati SkinPremium
61Rune Reader –Rare ReticleFree
62Mosaic –Epic WatchPremium
6330 MinutesDouble XP TokenPremium
64AscendingScales – Legendary Calling CardFree
65AustrianLeather – Legendary Blueprint (Light Machine Gun Charlie)Premium
66100 CODPointsPremium
67Edelweiss –Epic Killcam Theme & Barrier Breaker – Epic EmblemFree
6830 MinutesDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
69Silver Spoon– Epic CharmPremium
70Bukeshisso –Rare Shigenori SkinPremium
71Burnt Love –Epic Blueprint (Submachine Gun Dog)Premium
72Star Power –Rare MVP Highlights & 1 Hour Double Weapon XP TokenFree
731 HourDouble XP TokenPremium
74100 CODPointsPremium
751 HourDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
76Fairy Tale –Legendary Blueprint (Assault Rifle Baker)Premium
77MountainRage – Epic Calling CardFree
7845 MinutesDouble Weapon XP TokenPremium
79CanadianClover – Epic EmblemPremium
80BurgundyStreets – Rare Solange SkinPremium
81French Blue –Legendary Blueprint (Handgun Easy)Free
82100 CODPointsPremium
8315 Minutes DoubleXP TokenPremium
84Elite Hunt –Epic CharmFree
85Alpine Zebra– Legendary Blueprint (Shotgun Dog)Premium
861 Hour DoubleXP TokenPremium
871 Hour DoubleWeapon XP TokenPremium
88Grisly –Rare EmblemFree
89BelowCelsius – Legendary Blueprint (Melee Charlie)Premium
90New YorkBlues – Rare Wade SkinPremium
91100 CODPointsPremium
92AlpineAssassin – Legendary Calling CardPremium
93Poison Dart –Epic WatchPremium
94Trifecta –Legendary Highlight Intro & Chilly Breath – Legendary EmblemFree
95Khepri’sCurse – Legendary Blueprint (Light Machine Gun Easy)Premium
961 HourDouble XP TokenPremium
97Primal Pearl– Legendary CharmPremium
98100 CODPointsFree
99Undeterred –Legendary EmblemPremium
100White Mirage(Legendary Anna Skin), Postmodern (Legendary Blueprint – Assault Rifle Jug),Mountaineer (Legendary Title), Season Two (Legendary Emblem), &Extinction Notice (Legendary Charm)Premium

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