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1、Contents: Generalization& RhetoricalDevices Detail Study FromPa(1-7) Detail Study FromPa(8-14) Detail Study FromPa(15-19)&Conclusion Lead-inIntroduction Of the Author&BackgroundAmericaThe United KingdomChinaO.B. Hardison Jr.(1928 -1990)O.B. Hardison, Jr. Born in San Diego, California in 1928 Died in

2、 1990 B.A 1949 M.A 1950 Ph.D 1956 Princeton & the University of North Carolina He became University Professor of English at Georgetown in 1984.O.B. Hardison, Jr. numerous books and articles Lyrics and Elegies (1958): The Enduring Monument (1962) English Literary Criticism: The Renaissance (1964) Tow

3、ard Freedom and Dignity: The Humanities and the Idea of Humanity (1973), Entering the Maze: Identity and Change in Modern Culture (1981) and Disappearing Through the Skylight (1980).The passage in our book is the excerpts from this book: In the nineteenth century, science presented nature as a group

4、 of objects set comfortably and solidly in the middle distance before the eyes of the beholder. In the work of DArcy Thompson, published around the turn of the century, nature has disappeared. It has become a set of geometric and mathematical relations that lie under the surface of the visible. .Tod

5、ay, nature has slipped, perhaps finally, beyond our field of vision.Analysis of the text.Division of the Text.Structure & paragraph analysis.Rhetorical DevicesStructure analysis Section (para1-81-8): Science is committed to the universalsScience is committed to the universals. Section (para 9-159-15

6、): Science has shown the insubstantiality of the Science has shown the insubstantiality of the worldworld. Section (para 16-1916-19): Banks are disappearing through their own Banks are disappearing through their own skylights.skylights. Part Paras.1-2: The universalization of science (technology) re

7、sults in the disappearance of history. Paras. 3-6: The automobile shows very clearly this universalizing influence of science and technology. Paras. 7-8: If man creates machines, machines in turn shape their creators. And the compelling force of technology to universalize cannot be resisted. Part Pa

8、ra 9: Machine aesthetic(审美) Para 10-11: Emphasize on the insubstantiality of the world and the skepticism of modern science.Paragraph analysis Part Para 12-15: The disappearance of history is a form of liberation which often expressed through play, and the playfulness of science has produced game th

9、eory and virtual particles. Para 16-17: The contrast of architecture styles between the banks of the nineteenth century and todays banks. Para 18-19: It shows how far logically modern aesthetic can go. The solid banks can become almost abstract and invisible.Paragraph analysisSummary of the main vie

10、ws of the author The central themecentral theme of “disappearance” Nature disappears History disappears The solid banks disappear. The second important idea: The universalizing tendency of science and technology “The basic concepts of science are understood, accepted and adopted by scientists all ov

11、er the world”, as he puts forward. The third concept is the modern man is no longer a unique individual, and he is the product of a special environment and culture. The last statement- the disappearance of history is a form of liberation and this feeling of liberation is often expressed through play

12、. A logical conclusion can be found in the final paragraph of this key chapter that “As surely as nature is being swallowed up by the mind, the banks, you might say, are disappearing through their own skylights”. Besides expressing the central theme of the passage, the metaphorical phrase, “Disappea

13、ring Through the Skylight”, is used also specifically in this article to describe the changed appearance of modern banks which seem to be disappearing. Rhetorical devicesMetaphor RepetitionAntithesisSynecdochePersonificationRhetorical question (page86 para.10)Example:1.Modern art opens on a world wh

14、ose reality is not out there in nature defined as things seen from a middle distance but “in there” in the soul or the mind.2.As surely as nature is being swallowed up by the mind, the banks, you might say, are disappearing through their own skylights.l thermodynamics :mdanmk 热力学l genetics 遗传学l muta

15、tion mju:ten n.(genetics) any event that changes genetic structure;l corollary krlri n. a practical consequence that follows naturally; e.g. Blind jealousy is a frequent corollary of passionate love.l homogeneous hmdinis adj. consisting of things or people that are all the same or all of the same ty

16、pe e.g. The unemployed are not a homogeneous group. l asset set n. Csomething or someone is useful or helps a person or organization to be successful; e.g. 我们在技术领域的创造力是我们最大的资本。 Our creativity in the field of technology is our great asset.l asset set n. P all the things or property a company or a per

17、son owns e.g. By the end of 1989 the group had assets of 3.5 billion.l given adj. 1.already arranged; 2.that you have stated and are discussing; particular Collocation: be given to sth/to doing sth e.g. Shes much given to outbursts of temper.l cylinder block 气缸体,气缸柱l carburetor 汽化器l transmission 变速器

18、l plant n. C a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes placel solution n. C an answerl successor n. a person or thing that comes after sb/sth else and take their/its placel cosmopolitan kzmpltn n. a person who has experience of many different parts of the worldlcosmop

19、olitan kzmpltn adj. containing people of different types or from different countries, and influenced by their culture: a cosmopolitan city/resortldiscredit dskredt v. 1.to make people stop respecting sb/sth: a discredited government/policy 2.to make people stop believing that sth is true; to make st

20、h appear unlikely to be truee.g. These theories are now discredited among linguists.l Science is committed to the universal. Science is engaged in the task of making its basic concepts understood and accepted by scientists all over the world.lThis is why the spread of technologymakes the world look

21、ever more homogeneous. The spread of technology with its universalizing tendency is what makes different countries and people look more similar or identical.l Fiat workers refreshed themselves with Pepsi-Cola. Fiat workers refreshed themselves with the American soft drink, Pepsi-Cola. l As in archit

22、ecture, so in automaking. (Elliptical) Things that are happening in automaking are similar to those happening in architecture. The Italian Fiat car manufacturing company has set up a car manufacturing plant in the Soviet Union.l If man creates machines, machines in turn shape their creators. Man cre

23、ates machines and the machines then turn around and change those who created them. Man creates the World Car and by driving this kind of car the modernman himself become universalized. He is becoming a cosmopolitan.l The Fiesta appears to have sunk without a trace. The car model, called Fiesta, seem

24、s to have disappeared completely. l The benefit is that he begins to suspect (home in the traditional sense is another name for limitations). The benefit of being a cosmopolitan is that he begins to think the old kind of home probably restricts his development and activities.Para.9: “我记得有一个时期,每一位艺术家

25、表示对埃菲尔铁塔的蔑视,谴责这座污染天空,亵渎神明的建筑是自己义不容辞的责任,机器的发明与发展很快就提出了一些传统思维完全无法解决的命题,一种全新的、灵活的、超出人的理解力的可塑性.” Reminisce: v. recall the past 老朋友们总喜欢谈论那老朋友们总喜欢谈论那“美好的往昔美好的往昔”。 Old friends like to reminisce about the “good old days” aesthetic: a philosophical theory as to what is beautiful Owed it to himself to turn hi

26、s back on Owe it to someone to do sth.:认为自己有必要为某人做 Blasphemy(line6):expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred n. 亵渎神明;轻视上帝或神祗亵渎神明;轻视上帝或神祗 Eiffell Tower( Plasticity:可塑性;适应性;柔软性 The discovery and rehabilitation of machinesall tradition Machines soon originated new ideas and problems that c

27、ould not be handled by the old ways of thinking.Para. 10: 这就动摇了人们认为世界的物质是客观实在的信念。同时,科学又创造出了潜存于客观实在之中的各种不同种类和范畴的现实世界的形象。机器的形象与细胞、分子或是银河系这些物体形象相比较,哪一个更实在呢?科学还创造出了纯属人造物的形象。一个张牙舞爪的龙的形象比分子的形象是更接近现实还是更远离现实呢? Insubstantiality(line3):n. 虚体 It has produced images of orders of reality underlying the thingline

28、ss of things. Science has produced images of many classes or categories of reality that lie under the objective image of things we see with our eyes. Thingliness is another way of talking about the inner nature or essence of things, Artifact: a man-made object taken as a wholePara.11:new understandi

29、ng of the things led to new concepts of art 他说,美的艺术是“发自人的灵魂深处的需要”。现代艺术所描绘的并不是用眼睛看到的物质世界的客观现实,而是人的内心世界所反映的现实。因为现代艺术所描绘的世界不是客观存在的物质世界,而是人的内心世界,所以,它是一个完全丧失了历史的世界。 Skepticism:n skpt,szm doubt about the truth of somethingn. 怀疑论;怀疑的态度 middle distance: the normal diatance for the eye to observe objects Rad

30、ically: fundamental,totally Make a change in a scheme 彻底改变计划Para.12: 像科学一样,现代艺术往往也是通过玩耍的方式来表达这种思想解放的在绘画艺术方面是通过毕加索和琼米罗的玩耍性作品,在诗歌艺术方面是通过达达派的朦胧诗以及诸如华莱士斯蒂文斯的C字母一样的喜剧演员一类的滑稽史诗。 Mock-heroic: 嘲弄地模仿英雄风格的(作品、诗歌)Para.13 这种玩耍性是模仿产生了博奕论、虚构粒子和黑洞的科学的荒诞性。这种科学的玩耍性还通过把人的生长基因植入牛体,迫使伦理学的研究者重新审定食人肉的习性的定义。 它在发达世界的每座城市里都

31、通过后现代主义和新现代主义的奇形怪状和诞的建筑物,通过把各种建筑风格奇特地拼凑在一起得到反映,而这恰恰是拼贴画式的城市和无计划的大杂烩城市的典型表现。 by corollary: as a natural conclusion Game theory: note 21博弈论 Virtual particle:note 22虚粒子 Reexamine: examine again re+examine Cannibalism:knblzm 食人,嗜食同类,残忍的行为 Postmodernism:后现代主义 Neomodernism:新现代主义 Juxtaposition: ,dkstpz()n

32、n. 并置,并列;毗邻 Collage:n. kl抽象拚贴画 Adhocism:局部独立主义 It is announced in every city. adhocism: This playfulness of the modern aesthetics is fully displayed in every city in the developed word by the playful and fantastic buildings of postmodernism and neomodernism .In these cities one will also find side b

33、y side fantastic buildings representing the styles of collage city and urban adhocism.Para.14features of modern culture 体现这种文化的建筑移动、摇摆,就像做梦一样,反映了周围发生的一切。这种文化向其公民展示了体现几何图形的直线结构,如管道、州际公路和高压电线,也展示了富有艺术性的流线型克莱斯勒公司的气流汽车、波音747飞机以及硅片集成电路上的精细网织图案。现代文化也向其公民展示了无情地引人注目的庞然大物油轮和推土机以及结构玩具的复杂设计、短线拱顶和登月车辆。它充满了想象、声音

34、和价值,完全不同于我们肉眼所看到的我们周围世界的自然景物。 geometry : dmtr facadism fs:dizmn.【建筑学】 门面主义(在新建筑物正面保留具有历史意义的原建筑物的门面) Gamesmanship: gemzmnp the use of doubtful(although not technically illegal) methods to win a game At times:now and then 活泼的孩子有时是会淘气的。 One expects active chidren to be mischievous at times. static anto

35、nym dynamic Interstate highway州际公路 virtuosity ,v:tjustin.technical skill or fluency or style exhibited by a virtuoso 精湛技巧;对艺术品的爱好;艺术爱好者 Circuit: n. 电子 电路,回路;巡回;一圈;环道 silicon : 硅 assertiveness s:tivnisn.aggressive self-assurance; given to making bold assertions force / self-confidence It surrounds it

36、s citizens with the linear sculpture of pipelines and interstate highways and high-tension lines and the delicate virtuosities of the surfaces of the Chrysler Airflow and the Boeing 747 Modern culture displays to its citizens structures that reflect the straight lines of geometric designs, such as p

37、ipelines,interstate highways and high-tension electric wires.it also displays the fine artistic streamling of Chrysler Airflow cars and Boeing 747 airplanes.bleary/blr/(para15.line4)Adj. If your eyes are bleary, they look dull or tired, as if you have not had enough sleep or have drunk too much alco

38、hol. (睡眼、醉眼)惺忪的; 朦胧的; 模糊的eg: I arrived bleary-eyed and rumpled. 我抵达时睡眼朦胧、头发凌乱。 He stared at Leo with great bleary eyes.他用一双睡眼朦胧的大眼睛凝视着利奥。uninspired ,ninspaid(para15.line4)1.having no intellectual or emotional or spiritual excitement无灵感的;无灵气的2.deficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of

39、 invention缺乏创见的;无想像力的We feel uninspired and unmotivated. 我们觉得毫无灵感,没有动力。neoclassic ,niklsk (para16.line1)adj.characteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style新古典主义的neoclassicismNeoclassicism is the name given to Western movements in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music,

40、and architecture that draw inspiration from the classical art and culture of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. The main Neoclassical movement coincided with the 18th century Age of Enlightenment, and continued into the early 19th century, latterly competing with Romanticism. In architecture, the style

41、 continued throughout the 19th, 20th and up to the 21st century新古典主义(英语:Neoclassicism),是一种新的复古运动。兴起于18世纪的罗马,并迅速在欧美地区扩展的艺术运动,影响了装饰艺术、建筑、绘画、文学、戏剧和音乐等众多领域。新古典主义,一方面起于对巴洛克(Baroque)和洛可可(Rococo)艺术的反动,另一方面则是希望以重振古希腊、古罗马的艺术为信念(亦即反对华丽的装饰,尽量以俭朴的风格为主)。Adam style, Interior of Home House in London, designed by R

42、obert Adam in 1777Ostankino Palace, designed by Francesco Camporesi and completed in 1798, in Moscow, Russiaponderous/pndrs/ .(para16. line2)1.slow and laborious because of weight行动缓慢的;费力的 a ponderous yawn2.having great mass and weight and unwieldiness沉重的 a ponderous stone ; a ponderous burden 3.lab

43、ored and dull沉闷的;冗长的 a ponderous speechvault /vlt/ (para16.line4)1.N-COUNTa secure room where money and other valuable things can be kept safely. 保险库eg:Most of the money was in storage in bank vaults.这笔钱的一大部分是存放在银行保险库中的。2.N-COUNT A vault is a room underneath a church or in a cemetery where people ar

44、e buried, usually the members of a single family. 家族墓穴3.N an arched structure that forms a roof or ceiling 拱顶; 穹隆terminal t:minl(para17.line2)1.Adj.A terminal illness or disease causes death, often slowly, and cannot be cured. (疾病) 晚期的; 致命的 terminal cancer 晚期癌症。2.N-COUNT A terminal is a place where

45、vehicles, passengers, or goods begin or end a journey. 起点站; 终点站, airport tetminal 航站楼航站楼3.N-COUNT A computer terminal is a piece of equipment consisting of a keyboard and a screen that is used for putting information into a computer or getting information from it. (计算机) 终端 trailer /trel/(para17.line

46、2)1. A trailer is a container on wheels which is pulled by a car or other vehicle and which is used for transporting large or heavy items. 拖车2. A trailer is a long narrow house made to be delivered to a home site, where it becomes a permanent home. (一种长而狭窄的造好后可送货上门的) 房屋3.A trailer for a film or tele

47、vision programme is a set of short extracts which are shown to advertise it. (电影或电视节目的) 预告trailer /trel/(para17.line2)1. A trailer is a container on wheels which is pulled by a car or other vehicle and which is used for transporting large or heavy items. 拖车2. A trailer is a long narrow house made to

48、 be delivered to a home site, where it becomes a permanent home. (一种长而狭窄的造好后可送货上门的) 房屋3.A trailer for a film or television programme is a set of short extracts which are shown to advertise it. (电影或电视节目的) 预告 It is a human world, but one that is human in ways no one expected. Modern culture reflects a

49、 human world but human in ways quite different from what one expected.These are the faces of history. These are old faces(外观). They belong to the history of the past. We are abstract like art and almost invisible like the Crystal Palace. The banks are like abstract art or like the Crystal Palace for

50、 they are no longer clearly visible solid buildings. If we exist at all, we exist as an airy medium in which your transactions are completed and your wealth increased. We are now light and graceful things (magnetic tapes and computers). These thing now handle all your business and increase your weal

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