Modern End Tables For Bedroom - (2023)

What Should I Look For In A Modern End Table Or Side Table

Modern Rustic DIY Nightstand with Drawer | DIY End Table

What you want from your modern end tables is contingent upon how you intend to use them. In youre intending for your contemporary end tables or side tables to perform traditional functionsflanking sofas, and providing surface areas for table lamps, for instanceyoull need to be mindful of a particular height or finish, or need specific features, like drawers or other storage compartments. But if youre simply in search of a modern side table to add a dash of pizzazz or be a versatile addition to your furniture collection, no design pre-requisites, other than personal taste, will be needed.

Irrespective of why you want a modern side table or end table, though, always look for pieces with structural integrity and timeless beauty. As with all modern furniture, stay away from poorly made, throwaway furniture, and focus, instead on furniture thats designed to last. By all means, be adventurous when selecting contemporary end tables, but no matter how modest your budget, take care to ensure that your investment pays dividends for years to come.

How Many Modern Side Tables Should I Buy

The number of modern end tables you invest in depends, of course, on how large a space youre furnishing, and the overall design scheme of your home. Ideally, though, a pair of thoughtfully chosen contemporary side tables that are both visually compelling and functionally sound are worthy investments. The key is to focus on contemporary end tables that complement the other elements in your space, offering up both esthetic value and supreme functionality.

Why Should I Invest In Modern End Tables

Every home, regardless of size, benefits for a few modern end tables or side tables, and shopping for these subsidiary furniture pieces can be great fun. Because modern end tables are typically accent pieces, rather than primary furniture, the quest for a striking modern side table should be less fraught and stressful than, say, trying to find that statement modern sofa or dazzling contemporary coffee table. Still, with so many modern side tables to choose from, some basic guidelines will help keep you from making knee-jerk purchases that outlive there welcome a few years later.

The short answer is: versatility and price point. Contemporary side tables are, by definition, small in scale, easily movable, and functionally versatile. Whether acting as permanent bedside tables or additional surface areas for cocktail party accoutrements, modern side tables or end tables are capable of morphing into whatever is needed at a moments notice. A well-placed modern end table thats both handsome and thoughtfully designed for longevity can offer years, even decades, of joy and use by being easily transferable to any room in the house.

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Modern End Tables For Bedroom - (1)

A well-composed bed is never complete without the right tables to frame it. In this post, we’ve collected 51 bedside tables for every taste some that emphasize function, some that delight with a unique look, and many that combine the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for a creative storage solution or just want a suitable stage to display that favorite bedside lamp, find the perfect design with this convenient compilation. Each nightstand and bedside table listed here is currently available to purchase online, making it easy to fill your bedroom inspiration board or complete a fresh decor update.

IKEA Bedside Table with Shelves: This multi-tier table offers a practical approach to bedside storage. Upper and lower shelves remain open for easy access to important items, while a central drawer makes it easy to keep miscellaneous items neat and organized.
IKEA Bedside Table with Drawer: For a bright and natural look, this wood side table keeps things simple with a smooth oil finish. The drawer is equipped with a single leather pull tab a handsome compliment to the solid birch that surrounds it.
Blue Bedside Table: Bring a pop of color to your bedroom with this playful mid-century modern nightstand. Pictured here, the drawer is finished in a chic cerulean blue. This model is available in a wide variety of other colors something for every bedroom theme.

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Make The Most Of Your Space With Storage Side Tables

If you want to get the most out of your space, the right side table can do double duty as storage furniture as well as a decorative accent. End and side tables with storage offer a great way to keep extra living room nick knacks organized or a place for extra bedsheets and pillows next to a sleeper sofa.

Nesting tables allow you to quickly adjust your storage needs on a whim. Pop out an extra side table to hold a bowl of snacks and make it disappear just as easily once movie night is over.

Why Buy Modern Contemporary End Tables And Nightstands At Nathan James

If you ask those who have purchased affordable bedside tables or nightstands from us, theyll tell you there is no better place to shop than right here at Nathan James. When it comes to balancing quality and design with affordability, nobody does it better!

You can buy modern contemporary bedside tables or end tables from us today entirely risk free. We offer a 100-day return policy on all our furniture! And, you can rest assured itll last you a lifetimewe offer a lifetime guarantee to back it up.

You shouldnt have to break the bank to find quality, design-first furniture thats easy to assemble.

Thats why we offer a complete line of furniture for apartment dwellers or first time home buyersyou can also find modern contemporary desks and vanities, coffee tables, and even dining room tables!

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A Full Breakdown Of The Modern End Tables & Nightstands At Nathan James

When it comes to affordable nightstands and end tables, there is no better collection than ours. The perfect modern contemporary nightstands or side tables are just waiting for you to find themlets take a look at some of the different options!

  • Hugo – Our most affordable end tables are the Hugo line – which consists of a single drawer with a magazine sling. Choose from a grey oak or rustic oak finish.
  • Amalia – the Amalia is one of our most modern contemporary end tables, with a gorgeous marble top supported by a three-legged solid wood base. Its still really affordable, too, and can be designed with a light or dark brown finish.
  • Alexis – If youre looking for more glam modern end tables, the Alexis is perfect for you. The white marble finish with a pale gold stand is the perfect addition to any space designed with glam style furniture!
  • Oraa – The Oraa offers a big storage in a small package. These modern contemporary nightstands feature a fabric storage bin with a metal tray top, and come in a white or wood finish.
  • Roland – those who really want to embrace the modern look will love the Roland – one of the most modern end tables youll find! The marble top and matte-black base combination is beautiful and subtle all at once.
  • Nash – If you prefer a minimalist design, look no further than the Nash. These affordable end tables serve as either a modern nightstand or side table – great for bedrooms and living room spaces alike!
  • Be Space Efficient With The Side Table

    Cheap espresso colored bedroom end table Furinno Night Stands 11157EX setup and review

    If you want to get the most out of your space, the right side table can do double duty as storage. A side table with storage offers a great place to keep extra pillows and blankets for cold winter evenings. Or maybe use it to store bedsheets next to the sofa bed, in case a guest needs to spend the night.

    If you only have an occasional use for a side table, you can also choose a tray table. These handy tables fold up and store easily, ready to be used or be put away as needed.

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    Choose The Right Side Or End Table For You

    In our range, youll find plenty of side tables and accent tables to suit your taste. Choose between everything from nesting tables and storage tables to serving carts and tray tables. We offer models in plenty of materials and styles, including wood, metal, plastic, glass or even hand-woven rattan.

    Also, if youre looking for something larger or more robust, be sure to check out our coffee tables and our console tables as well.

    Bedside Companions: Modern Nightstands And Side Tables

    To create a contemporary bedroom oasis, think beyond the mattress and headboard. Modern nightstands and bedside tables allow you to expand your decor and offer simple storage. For a classic take, consider nightstands that pair with the headboard and dressers. Wood bedroom furniture lets your bedding take the spotlight, while hi-gloss options command attention. For a luxe approach, consider unexpected materials: think leather or shagreen nightstands that give your space personality. Arrange a single table on one side of the bed, or choose two complementary nightstands to flank each side. To create a perfect bedtime reading nook, top each modern nightstand with a and store books, magazines, tablets, reading glasses and whatever else you need within reach in drawers. Alternatively, get creative and instead position it next to a reading chair in the master suite for a place to rest a drinking glass.

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    Complete Your Bedroom Or Living Room Set With Modern Nightstands And End Tables

    Whether youre putting the finishing touches on your new bedroom or your living room, we have the best selection of modern nightstands and end tables here to complete the space!

    Here at Nathan James, we pride ourselves on offering people affordable, quality furniture for smaller spaceswhether it’s your first home or a new apartment. And, our collection of modern contemporary end tables and bedside tables is no exceptionin fact, this is one of our most popular collections!

    With so many great options to choose from, youll have no issue finding an affordable nightstand or end table that fits your modern & contemporary design concept. The only tricky part is choosing which style or finish you wantbecause theyre all amazing!


    What can I use instead of an end table? ›

    These alternatives include a floating shelf, chest or trunk, stool, bar cart, crate or barrel, or even a dresser. The great thing about some of these alternatives is that you may be able to save money by opting for them over a traditional side table.

    Should bedside tables be 1 or 2? ›

    This is one of the most common misconceptions about bedside tables, that they need to come in pairs! You are more than welcome to only have one bedside table, in fact, the choice is entirely yours.

    What is the difference between a bedside table and an end table? ›

    Whereas many end and side tables are just legs attached to a tabletop, nightstands typically have some built-in storage—and at best, a mixture of both open and closed varieties.

    Should end tables be higher or lower than bed? ›

    Proper Nightstand Height

    As a general rule of thumb, the top of your nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress, or about 2-4” taller. It's much easier for somebody to reach above to grab something when they're laying on the bed, as opposed to reaching below.

    Are coffee tables out of style 2022? ›

    Coffee tables are “in” in 2022 and they should be elegant and modern. Look for “outside-the-box” designs or styles. The height of the coffee table is important to consider. Add more than one coffee table is often better than just having one.

    Should end tables be higher or lower than couch? ›

    To answer this question, let's remember the rule about end table height sizing: an end table should be within two inches of a couch's arm (either above or below). This means that your end table can acceptably be two inches taller than the arm of your sofa without affecting visuals or functionality.

    Should your nightstands match your bed? ›

    Matching nightstands is the best option to begin with. Nightstands are smaller in proportion to the bed, or a wardrobe. As long as the bed is central and of a different style and finish it will break the pair up. Saying that, you do not have to match your nightstands.

    What is a good height for a bedside table? ›

    General Rule

    Consensus amidst professional décor experts as well as furniture craftsmen is that nightstands should be on average 24 inches tall upward to 36 inches. These numbers have become average as the general height of a mattress tends to be 25 inches.

    Should end tables be taller than bed? ›

    Recommended Height:

    Most know, in today's society you generally want to keep the tabletop of your nightstand at equal height to your mattress. The so-called rule of thumb with many design techniques. Not all mattresses have the same height, so it's vital to measure if you'd like to stick to this rule.

    What is a nightingale table? ›

    This is a smart changing table with storage as a dual solution Ideal table height for easy handling and access. Perfect with Foam Mattress for changing table - M. No reviews. Price: ₹ 19,125.00 ₹ 21,250.00.

    Do end tables have to be on area rug? ›

    Used primarily in living spaces and bedrooms, the furniture legs will be partially on the rug (but not entirely). In a living room, the front legs of your couch, chairs, and end tables should fit on the rug.

    Do bedrooms need side tables? ›

    Just like how a proper bed frame and mattress are indispensable in any bedroom, a side table is equally necessary. This small item usually placed in a corner of the room is not just for decorative purposes, but also has many other benefits that will help to elevate your life.

    Do side tables have to match in bedroom? ›

    No, Your Nightstands Don't Have to Match (& Here's How to Do It Like a Designer) In our heartfelt pursuit to teach you how to bring personality and eclectic-ness to your homes, we are diving into pairing non-matching nightstands.

    Should your bed be high or low? ›

    Preferably your feet should be flat against the floor and your knees in line with your hips. However, if your knees are above your hips, the bed may be too low for you. If your knees are below your hips, or your feet can't reach the floor, the bed is too high.

    What do you call a table at the end of your bed? ›

    A bench at the foot of a bed is called a bedroom bench or an end-of-bed bench. It has many uses — it can be a place to keep a folded blanket or bedspread or a surface to keep your robe or sleepwear ready for bedtime.

    Is it better to have a bed lower to the ground? ›

    If you have chronic pain or mobility issues, sleeping lower to the ground may be beneficial for your health. However, if you prefer a more traditional bed height - like the Modloft Ludlow Bed - a higher bed frame may be a better option for you.

    What furniture style is trending 2022? ›

    For furniture design trends in 2022, look for curves, texture, and comfort. You'll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics. In addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces, we'll also see a return of black accent pieces.

    What are the new furniture colors for 2022? ›

    In 2022 we want to bring the outside in, and both bold and subdued colors will have a moment in 2022, as long as they're earthy shades. The colors of the beach, like light blues, soft grays, and other stone colors, as well as soft pinks and oranges from the terracotta family will dominate the pastel range.

    What are the design trends for 2023? ›

    In 2023, home décor and design trends are primed to shift into earthy, texture-rich territory via brown and wooden furniture, handmade pieces, neutral color palettes, and bespoke touches that lend warmth and character to a space.

    How do you make a table more visually appealing? ›

    However, usually, those tables look pretty basic and boring.
    Four tricks you can use to make your presentation tables fancier:
    1. Replace the default black table grid.
    2. Add shapes under the table headers.
    3. Illustrate items with icons to create a mnemonic association.
    4. Highlight the key information in the table.
    May 18, 2017

    What enhances the appearance of a table? ›

    You can also add many types of shading to table rows and columns. It is possible to add any of the borders (left, right, top or bottom) around a table and add different thickness, colors, and styles to various rows and columns of the table. Even removing borders can enhance your document.

    What is the difference between an accent table and a side table? ›

    Side tables are smaller in size, functional and serve a specific purpose, such as holding drinks or books and placed next to a chair or sofa. Accent tables are larger, decorative pieces, often placed in the center of a room or near a focal point, and have a wide variety of styles and materials.

    Is it OK to have mismatched end tables? ›

    Remember also that end tables needn't match each other. As long as the sizes and styles relate to each other, it's perfectly acceptable to have different end tables on either side of a sofa or bed.

    How tall should a lamp be on an end table? ›

    A good rule of thumb is that your table lamp should be at about eye-level when you're seated near it, or at about 58” to 64” inches from the floor. Table lamps should not be more than 1.5 times taller than the surface they're sitting on and the diameter of the lamp shade should be smaller than the width of the surface.

    How big should an end table be? ›

    Standard end tables are typically 14" to 24" wide and work well with any sofa size. When choosing the right end table width, think about how much surface space you'll need. Consider any items, such as table lamps, books, or plants, that you plan on placing on top of the end table.

    Should a bedside table be lower than the bed? ›

    As a general rule, bedside tables should be the same height or slightly higher than the top of your mattress, but shouldn't be lower. When you're laying in bed, reaching across or slightly upwards to grab something is easy, while reaching down can be uncomfortable and impractical.

    How do you pick a good nightstand? ›

    5 Expert Rules for Choosing a Nightstand That Is the Right Size
    1. Rule 1: Get the Proportions Right—Starting With the Bed.
    2. Rule 2: Measure for Height and Width.
    3. Rule 3: Think Outside the Box.
    4. Rule 4: Don't Worry About Matching Tables.
    5. Rule 5: Keep Your Specific Routine in Mind—Functionality Is Important.
    Sep 20, 2021

    Are matching bedroom sets outdated? ›

    Goodbye, matching sets

    To the fans of matching bedroom sets, we are sorry to say the days of identical dressers, bed frames, and nightstands are over. Yes, these sets make furniture shopping fast and easy, but they also make your bedroom look... bland.

    How do you fill the space at the end of the bed? ›

    Fill Empty Space

    Instead of having unused floor space, try adding a bench, daybed, or small sofa at the foot of your bed to give the room layers and add functionality. You'll bring back the intimate feeling in no time.

    What do you put on a nightstand? ›

    5 nightstand must-haves for a more restful night
    • A lamp. ...
    • Hand lotion, lip balm and any medications you may need during the night will allow you to fix simple issues without making a bleary-eyed trek to the bathroom medicine cabinet in the middle of the night. ...
    • Small dish or tray. ...
    • Reading material. ...
    • A flashlight.

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